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Develop The Skills To Journal From a Positive Approach That Leads To Personal Growth, Self-Love, & Life Change.

Have you heard people talk about journaling and how it has helped them, but you do not know how to explore the benefits of journaling for yourself?

You're in the right place! Journaling can mean different things to so many people. That’s what makes it great, but that is also what makes it hard to know how to get started.

I have designed this exclusive masterclass to teach you my quick, easy, and unique approach to journaling. I will teach you my method that will get you started today! This is where your journey with journaling can begin.

In this masterclass, here's what you can expect:

  • A positive approach to journaling in an intentional way that promotes personal growth, teach you how to express what is on your mind, and journal effectively.  
  • You will develop a clear understanding of the scientific benefits behind journaling that can lead you to live a happier, healthier, and purpose-driven life.
  • You will be invited to practice and participate in guided journaling

BONUS: Because, I think you're awesome...I've added a few intimate behind-the-scenes videos from my life to show you how to make journaling a lifestyle!

That’s what this Intro To Journaling Masterclass with Latonia is all about!

THE RECOMMENDED JOURNAL: YOU'RE WORTH WRITING FOR JOURNAL (SPIRAL).  You are not required to have this journal, but having this journal will allow you to experience the full benefits of this masterclass. This journal will be used for instruction during the webinar. You are welcome to use any blank journal you have. 

JOIN ME for this online experience and start journaling TODAY!