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Guided by the lives she touches, Latonia Francois is the creative inspiration behind Let’s Write Life.


A Guided Journal of Empowerment

The Best of Me Guided Journal Video Reviews

The Best of Me is a guided journal, a tool of empowerment for anyone who wants to explore journaling. This journal has specific journaling techniques based on looking inwardly through the people, places, and experiences in your life that have shaped who you are. Written with rich content and open space for journaling, Latonia shares how the benefits of journaling can effectively transform your life. We’ve received such great reviews that we had to share a few first impressions. Check out the videos and hear what they had to say!


RELAX. LIVE. CREATE. Journaling Activities Based on specific and unique journaling techniques, Latonia share’s personal stories to teach you how to journal in an empowering way that transforms your mindset and your life, motivates you move forward toward reaching life goals, and helps to you to identify unnoticed joy that exist in your life everyday. These journaling activities teach you journaling basics to relax, bring journaling into your everyday life, and get creative with journaling through art and written words.


All throughout the journal, you will find featured topics that allow you to dig deeper into specific stories or journaling techniques. Featured topics provide:

  • Exclusive videos that are only accessible through The Best of Me Journal
  • Links to blogs and resources online that are tailored to helping to create your journal
  • Examples of how Latonia and others in the Let’s Write Life community are using their journals

New videos and online resources are continuously added to provide an interactive journaling experience for the many chapters of life.


Now, Let’s Write Life! In the final section of the journal, there is journaling space for you to begin filling up the pages with the story of your life. For you to fully explore everything that was discussed in the guided portion of the journal, there are lined pages for journal writing and blank pages for art journaling.

  • Unique Layouts
  • Words of Inspiration

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Inspirational Journaling Videos

Let’s Connect on YouTube

Join Latonia on Youtube where she shares videos to help you explore journaling. There is no limit to the ways you can incorporate journaling into your life. In these videos, she’ll show you many of the ways she uses journaling in her life. We love hearing the ways others are exploring journaling. Share your journaling ideas online with us at https://www.youtube.com/user/LetsWriteLife.

Out of Their Hearts, They Speak…

Latonia provides journaling experiences to empower:

Anyone that has a desire to take a step out of life for just a moment to discover more of who they are and to use journaling as an empowerment source to help achieve a better life for themselves and their family.

Latonia, Thank you for such an awesome workshop experience and for being you.  I knew I had to attend your workshop tonight and I didn’t know why. I have been where you were and I’m also in a place of searching to discover my own true joy. I used to write, not for healing, but theatre plays and enjoyment. Maybe, just maybe, this is my answer. I am looking forward to being connected with you and your passion to help me discover my own. I deserve it! Thank You!

Annette Calloway

Soul Purpose Entrepreneur, Soul Purpose

Fabulous is who you are, what you are. Thank you for sharing your passion for journaling. It gifts us all. I love your spirit. You are a bright light.

Clara Diaz

Life Coach & Business Strategist, Clara Angelina Diaz

Thank you for reinforcing the steps in the journey I am already taking. It is encouraging to fellowship with a women of like mind. I, too, went through a season of deep healing and I am living in the joy of that healing. Our futures are bright!My heart overflows with all God is doing in my life. It can only get better.

Colleen Roberts

Author, Colleen Roberts

Latonia you are a phenomenal woman! You’ve inspired me with your story. You will succeed in everything you set out to do and empower others to do the same!

Leona Martin

Career Coach, LCM Career Coaching


The Best of Me Journaling Workshop: Vision Boards

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February: Latonia’s Corner

The Best of Me Journal LATONIA’S CORNER Starting Let’s Write has been one of the best experiences of my life. It’s crazy to think all this started from a deep-rooted choice to choose happiness. That choice has truly changed my life. What else might have been different...